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Renatto Tiles®

Tiles are applicable to wall and floor surfaces. They are unique in design, made for indoor and outdoor surfaces, easy to maintain and quality made. Puzzle your space!

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Renatto Tiles®. We have three basic models.

The tiles are basically square-shaped with tabs (ears) and slots, which when rotated by 90° simply interlock and create an unbroken line. They can be easily be laid, leaving a clearly defined space for grouting.

Renatto Tiles® Colours

With our tiles every space becomes elegant and original. Inspired by the legendary jigsaw puzzle, we have shaped Renatto Tiles® so they can decorate any space with a multitude of combinations, creating unique, highly aesthetic original design.

Dive into countless combinations and create your personal designer’s style through the fresh and inspirational Renatto Tiles® collection.

The Colour Pallete12

Puzzle your space!


Renatto Tiles are made of high quality material - Granitogres®, shaped by a unique Water Jet technology.


Granitogres® is the modern, fully vitrified unglazed porcelain stone. It can be applied to floor and wall surfaces as an ideal solution for large and trafficked areas or in residential architecture. It is suitable for both dry and damp spaces and is available in various surface finishes: mat and polished.


Granitogres® technology is suitable for any design solution, ranging from modern to classic thanks to its superior technical properties, exceptionally simple laying procedure and easy maintenance.

Water Jet

A WaterJet technology is a high pressure stream of water erroding a narrow, thin line on ceramic materials. Thus, the final product is precise and robust, while the minimal material is discarded.


Renatto Ceramic Tiles is a Dutch company founded in Amsterdam in 2004. For over a decade it designs and manufactures originally shaped ceramic tiles, following the highest standards of interior décoration.


Countless combinations

Renato Colic

Creator - Designer - Inventor

A renaissance genetlemen, an inspirational friend, with a refined taste in ceramics.

Puzzle your space!®

With style and elegance.

A perfect balance for any space, by Renatto Tiles® collection.